Humble beginnings. our first shop, a historic carriage house

Humble beginnings. our first shop, a historic carriage house

The Grind Coffee Roasters was founded on May 16, 2016 by owner and head roaster Ian Duncan. Originally from Kansas, he moved to Bluffton after receiving a formal education in landscape design and maintenance. After working for The Greenery for some time, he began work at another local coffee shop, where he developed his love for the craft of coffee making, and subsequently started his own business with his own vision.

The Grind Coffee Roasters began in a small, historic carriage house off of Simmonsville Road, near the corner of Highway 278, in Bluffton, South Carolina. At first, the focus was solely on the roasting operation, but the demand quickly grew for The Grind coffee by the cup, and thus, a coffee bar was installed in February 2018.

The business grew rapidly and it was soon time to expand. Renovations on the current Bluffton store began in September 2018 and concluded in January 2019, allowing the team to relocate from its humble 350 square foot space to a bigger and better 2,200 square foot space in Sheridan Park, where we are primarily operating today.

The Grind Coffee Roasters is currently working to open a new roast shop in Mount Dora, Florida.

Products and Services

Consumer Level

  • Coffee: by the cup, by the bag, in K-cups and Nespresso pods

    • Coffee subscriptions: 3, 6, and 12 month plans

  • Retail merchandise: coffee-related accessories, clothing, and gifts

Professional Level

  • Wholesale Coffee: by the bag, in K-cups and Nespresso pods

  • Equipment: consultation, sales, and repair

    • Training

  • Private Label Roasting

    • Brand Development

Mission and Vision

The mission of The Grind Coffee Roasters is to make others successful through excellence in coffee, service, and people. It is not an individual, but rather, a team of people motivated by our love for coffee, education, and service. It starts with what we love and what brings us together as a community (coffee), and continues with our desire to learn more about what we love and can teach others. Finally, we are here to serve the people in our communities, through loving each other, listening to each other, and serving each other.

Core Values

  1. We commit to always being honest and up-front with all of our employees and customers.

  2. We put people before profit. We will do everything we can to put our employees and time with their families above making an extra buck.

  3. We are committed to equal pay and status for women.

  4. We are committed to a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault/misconduct, and inappropriate behavior.

  5. We are committed to creating a safe and creative work environment where employees can contribute to the direction and growth of the company.

  6. We will never be open on Sunday!