Extravagant Christmas Coffees

Ian has outdone himself with this Christmas batch of liquor barrel aged beans. Both will be available on December 15. That’s a Saturday so what better way to start off your weekend. The first is the next entry in the Whiskey Series coffee beans - coffee beans aged in a Glen Moray single malt scotch (12 year) barrel. The scotch has a well-earned reputation for spiced notes and a long sweet finish.

The second may just be the most decadent coffee bean around. The coffee will be aged in a salted caramel rum barrel. It is said that over time, the sweetness of the caramel blends perfectly with the rum and the salt brings out spiced notes in the drink. You may well detect hints of toffee, green apple, vanilla and red wine notes. The casks were first used in Portugal to age port wine.

These two coffees are available for online and in-store purchase. Stop by the shop for a great holiday present or enjoy a pour-over or two.