Barista Part Two


Once in awhile, we have a coffee extremist that has an unusual request but we always accept a challenge. With great coffee can potentially come great difficulty. That is where our customer education comes into play. The coffee culture is constantly coming up with new inventions and creations and we do our best to keep in-the-know. We never cease trying to please our customers! If you happen to be a creature of habit, we definitely suggest trying new things. You may come to find you can have more than one favorite beverage or bean. The coffee business gets tough when hiring new employees. We take our training processes and procedures seriously and require our baristas to feel the same way and express it through their work. We constantly work on our consistency behind the bar, testing new ideas and solving problems. Over the past two years, we have done trials of different roasts. Critical factors include different temperatures and beans, duration of roast & rest times, and roasting profile curves. These factors translate into a quality cup of coffee. We carefully recruit importers, distributors and farms and select the best beans, syrups, milks to ensure we are serving our community with nothing shy of the best!

 Our community means everything to us and we push ourselves to make sure we are meeting your wants and needs. We have expanded our coffee offerings to give you a variety of beans to taste, love and share. Not to mention, we cater to your favorite brew style. Whether you prefer the convenience of a Keurig K-Cup, the crema from the Nespresso pods, the pre-weighed packs for a full pot and so much more. Our coffees are available at the Bluffton and Hilton Head farmers market each week, fundraisers, private events, concerts, local annual festivals, local restaurants, breweries and coffee shops and of course here with us at The Grind. Our baristas love to be a part of anything that ties into our beautiful community and you can find us just about anywhere!

 We hope you get the chance to get to know our baristas and let them do what they love by showing you a one-of-a-kind coffee experience!