Life of a Barista

The skills of a barista go much further than just serving a cup of coffee. A dedicated barista understands the importance of making each customer’s day start in the best way possible by doing the following: Remember each drink, create a special friendship by saving time on a customer’s favorite brew, welcoming customers to the shop, getting to know the customer and educating them on what makes our coffee special.

We take great care of everyone who stops by our shop by giving them a personal and unique coffee experience. We train our baristas to multitask and handcraft our pour overs and lattes while maintaining the outstanding taste and hand-poured art. Coffee knowledge is something we take pride in because we know the attention to detail is often missing in this industry. We love to share what we know about our shared passion … coffee!

We can’t wait to show you the full potential of The Grind through at our new location - due to open within the next several weeks. It will be worth the wait; everything you’ve been waiting for and then some! We will have plenty of indoor seating; comfy chairs for those of you needing a more relaxing coffee break, a section for coffee dates with friends and family as well as a conference room to discuss all of your important meetings topics. We will have the first local coffee shop drive-thru also up and running offering a traditional menu and a better option for those in a hurry. A pour-over station will be set up at all times equipped with fresh ground beans of your choice, scales and timers to guarantee the perfect cup made just for you. Most of you love to see the The Grind “behind the scenes” meaning every step before you take the first sip. The roasting process, grinding, packaging, labeling, extracting and pouring. Our new location will allow you to see every bit of it, in an open yet separated area. We look forward to hosting you in our new digs.