November Coffee of the Month - Honduran

Coffee of the Month


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Certification: Fair Trade & USDA Organic                 Elevation: High Grown (1200 meters)

Department: Ocotepeque                                        Process: Fully Washed & Patio Dried

Varieties: Lempira, Icatu & Bourbon (c.arabica)


Prior to 1990, coffee grown in Honduras was often sent to mills in Guatemala and San Salvador where coffee prices were consistently higher. Over the past three decades, the government of Honduras has made significant investment to create and modernize infrastructure, provide an ongoing education system for farmers, processors and exporters and develop a sophisticated grading, sorting and lot bidding system. Honduran coffee now represents 4% of coffee grown world-wide.

Honduras employs a strictly monitored elevation standard in grading and sorting coffee beans. Very-high grown is 1350 meters and above, High grown is 1200 to 1349 and Central standard is lower than 1200.

The coffee growing region lies on the west side of the country in mountain ranges shared with Guatemala and Sal Salvador. Honduran coffee benefits from a near perfect growing season combined with ideal elevation, moisture, minerals and nutrients. Coffee from Honduras is rarely blended as it wonderful as a Single Origin bean and its mild taste properties can be lost when blended with other beans.

Recommended roasts for this bean are light and medium. At a light roast the aroma combines nuts and vanilla bean while the flavor is milk chocolate and almonds. At a medium roast, flavors include tropical fruit, caramel sweetness and dark chocolate aroma. Whether light or medium, this coffee has a soft, silky mouthfeel and balanced acidity.

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