Bourbon Barrel Bliss

Bourbon Barrel Coffee

Barrel broken spoke.jpg

Bourbon barrel aged coffee is a must try! The Grind is expanding the series of spirit-aged beans and will include Rua from Broken Spoke and bourbon varietals from Virgil Kane. These special beans will be available, on a first-come, first-served basis every 90 days. The cost is $25 per pound.

Green coffee beans absorb the aromas and flavors of the oak barrels and remnants of the fermented grains and sugars from the spirit.

Check back with us in late October, the next bean in the whiskey series is Broken Spoke Rua.

On a very special note, Ian Duncan, owner of the Grind is negotiating to acquire a used Pappy VanWinkle bourbon barrel. We are hoping to open the barrel in time for Christmas. Mark your calendars and watch for future email for details.