Cold-brew Growlers


Cold-brew Coffee Growlers

Bring your favorite cold-brew coffee home with a new Grind 64 ounce growler. These dark glass, reusable growlers keep your coffee fresh for up to 12 days in the refrigerator. Cold-brew coffee is smooth, sweet and allows the subtle coffee notes of chocolate and fruit to fully develop.

A regular rotation of medium and dark roasted Grind coffees will be available. The new growler service starts on Friday. July 13 and will be available at the shop and the Grind booth at the Bluffton Farmers’ Market every Thursday.

Cold-brew concentrate is easy to use and an economical way to get the best tasting brew. Just fill a glass with ice, fill half-way with coffee and top off with water. Add milk or sweetener for taste and enjoy.

Cost for a 64 ounce growler is $15 and a fill-up is $12. For you bourbon barrel fans, the Broken Spoke Rua and Virgil Kane spirits will be added to the cold-brew rotation and will sell for $25.   

Jim Wilkins