October Coffee of the Month - Columbian

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Coffee of the Month

A new BLOG feature for the Grind Roastery. Buy the coffee of the month online or in the store, whole bean or ground, K-Cup or Nespresso pods – and take 10% off the regular price. Discounts are good through the end of the month when the article is published.

Columbian Supremo

Producer: Rodrigo Pelaez                  Elevation: 1,750 meters

Department: Caldas                            Process: Fully Washed           Variety: Caturra (Arabica)


We’ve started this new blog segment with Columbian coffee. Columbia grows 10% of the coffee produced worldwide. Thanks to responsible growing practices and a near-perfect growing environment, coffee from Columbia is plentiful and always top-quality. With the exception of smaller, family-owned coffee farms in the southern portion of the growing region, growers deliver beans to coops for processing, grading and sorting. The top grade, Supremo, is reserved for the largest beans. Excelsio, also a large bean, is slightly smaller. Some experts see a correlation between bean size and quality. Supremo beans fit through a sieve with 18/64” (1/2”) holes and Excelsio fits through a 16/64” sieve. In general, beans graded to size within the same batch produce the best quality roast as larger beans are not under-roasted or small beans over-roasted. Both size mix-ups will strongly detract from overall taste.

Columbian Supremo is possibly the most versatile of all coffee beans. Supremo beans can be roasted on a range of light to espresso. And each roast will produce different taste profiles. A light roast is said to produce an orange-like sweetness with a bright acid (crisp finish) and intense aromatics. A medium roast has a subtle date sugar sweetness and silky mouthfeel (body). At a full espresso roast, the sweetness softens to a delightful bittersweet cacao bar taste with a long dark chocolate finish.