Pair with a Flair

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Pairing Coffee & Food for Your Enjoyment

The Grind offers a traveling road show of coffee and food pairings for special events, in-home entertaining and restaurant-hosted events. Our classes are fun, informative and tasty.

In-home and special events are customized to fit your desires. This includes the number and type of pairings. Examples include appetizers, small plates, desserts, vegetarian, meats, fruits and dairy. We recommend three to five items to pair with our hand-selected coffees. If you prefer to make the paired foods, we will provide you with tried-and-true recipes. Otherwise, we’ll source the food items from our community partners. We have pairings geared toward appetizers, meat dishes, nuts & cheese plates and desserts. We recommend four to five pairings.

For a truly unique experience, we offer coffee aficionados the opportunity to roast a batch of our green coffee beans at your event. We use a 1 kg (2 pounds), propane-fired, hot air roaster to produce your choice of coffee beans to sample. Our staff will explain the process and provide details to help you and your guests understand coffee tasting elements and profiles.

Let me give you a couple of examples. An in-home session for 10 to 16 people with four coffee/food pairings provided by the Grind will range from $35 to $40 per person. We’ll provide everything except the guests. The same in-home option with the host providing the food items will range from $25 to $30 per person. The coffee roasting option is a flat additional cost of $50 and this includes two pounds of green coffee.

Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting or participating in one of our coffee/food pairings events.