Christmas Man Pack

Another Christmas special in the offing. Treat your favorite coffee lover to four of the Liquor Series aged coffee beans. The pack includes 4 ounces each of Virgil Kane, Rua, Glen Moray and the Salted Caramel Rum. Something for everyone. The kit also includes a very nice mug. Final pricing will be announced soon. The Virgil Kane and Rua are pretty much a tie for the best of the Whiskey Series. Even though the Glen Moray and Salted Caramel Rum are newcomers - we expect some great coffee.

This is available online and in the shop.

Extravagant Christmas Coffees

Ian has outdone himself with this Christmas batch of liquor barrel aged beans. Both will be available on December 15. That’s a Saturday so what better way to start off your weekend. The first is the next entry in the Whiskey Series coffee beans - coffee beans aged in a Glen Moray single malt scotch (12 year) barrel. The scotch has a well-earned reputation for spiced notes and a long sweet finish.

The second may just be the most decadent coffee bean around. The coffee will be aged in a salted caramel rum barrel. It is said that over time, the sweetness of the caramel blends perfectly with the rum and the salt brings out spiced notes in the drink. You may well detect hints of toffee, green apple, vanilla and red wine notes. The casks were first used in Portugal to age port wine.

These two coffees are available for online and in-store purchase. Stop by the shop for a great holiday present or enjoy a pour-over or two.

Coffee Protects the Brain

Scientists from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health have determined that 54% of U.S. adults drink coffee on a daily basis. Also discovered that coffee appears to protect the brain against cognitive impairments and boosts thinking (reasoning) skills. One specific class of compounds in roasted coffee seems to provide the benefit - phenylindanes - that inhibits the growth of the toxic proteins tau and beta-amyloid. Longer roasting times produce more phenylindanes. Dark roasted coffee has the strongest protective effect on the brain.

The full study was published in Frontiers of Neuroscience by Dr. Donald Weaver (Krembil Brain Institute, Toronto, Canada).

Special thanks to Maria Cohul for this information. (November 6, 2018)

Know Your Beans

Understanding the difference between washed and natural beans is an important factor in selecting the right coffee for you. Washed coffee beans have the fruit or pulp removed prior to aging. This tends to produce a bean that is cleaner (thinner mouth-feel), lighter in body with a distinctive brightness or acidity. Washed beans produce a more consistent cup of coffee. Natural coffee beans are aged with the fruit or pulp left on the bean. As the beans dry in the sun, some of the moisture transports dense sugars and flavor elements that are best described as fruity into the bean. Honeyed beans are all naturally processed. Natural beans produce a fruit-forward (initial taste sensation) full-bodied cup of coffee. The washed bean process is far more common as the beans can be processed faster and more reliably. There is a risk of over-fermentation of the pulp during the natural drying process that ruins the bean.

Strange but True

Even in the United States there are regional and cultural differences in how best to prepare and serve coffee. Countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong and Sweden each have their own take on serving the best cup of java. Vietnam is a major grower of robusta coffee beans. The robusta bean is generally grown at low elevations and has an intense and somewhat bitter taste. Coffee drips through a steel filter called a phin into a glass with sweetened, condensed milk. It is served both hot and over ice. Hong Kong seems to lie at the center of the coffee and tea world. So it only makes sense to combine both. If made properly it tastes like neither but does impart chai and hot chocolate flavor notes. The ratio or coffee-to-tea is a closely guarded secret. In northern Sweden, coffee lovers dunk cheese in the brew. The coffee is finely ground, boiled over an open fire and served in a hand-carved birch burl. It is served with a cheese that combines flavors of halloumi and fresh cheese curds.

New Shop Getting Closer

Our new shop will enable us to better serve clients and customers alike. We’ll have a dedicated production space with state-of-the-art technology to roast, grind and bag great coffee quickly. We’ll also have production space for completing K-Cup and Nespresso pod orders. If you operate a restaurant, boutique, shop or other retail business - and would like to sell our coffee - give us a call. We’ll gladly work with you to develop a proprietary blend to meet your needs.

Busy Weekend

Our baristas were hopping last weekend. We work closely with many organizations and businesses in the region. Part of that work involves serving our delicious coffee drinks at community events.

Ian (aka boss) set up shop at the Concours de Elegance on Friday at the Hilton Head Airport and Saturday at the Port Royal Golf Club. Both events were well-attended and provided a great opportunity to mix and mingle with old and new friends. A special thanks to the volunteers from the Civil Air Patrol - nothing faster than old pilots finding fresh coffee.

Addy served coffee drinks at the Pearls to Pluff Mud annual event to benefit the Cross Schools of Bluffton.

Suzanne had a full set-up at the Indigo Run Christmas Extravaganza last Saturday. Great food, interesting gift ideas and the best coffee around. Easy to see why this annual event is always a winner.

If you are interested in having us provide coffee at your next event, please call for information or a price quote.

Pappy Coming Soon

The Grind Roasters is thrilled to announce the release of its newest addition to the Whiskey Series!

Medium roast beans from Ecuador aged in a Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel. This is a marriage made in heaven and not just for you bourbon aficionados. As a bourbon, Pappy stands head and shoulders above other bourbon. Combine that with the nuanced flavor profile of the Ecuador coffee bean. Well, the proof is in the cup.

Available for sale on Friday, November 9. Price is $50 per pound and is also available in half-pound bags. Pour overs will be available in the shop for $8 and $6, 12 oz and 8 oz.

Pre-orders will be accepted through November 8 with a 50% deposit. This is a 70 pound limited release.

The Grind wins 3 awards at Golden Bean

   Ian Duncan, owner & head coffee roaster, took home three bronze medals from the 2018 Golden Bean competition in Portland, Oregon. In its fourth year in the U.S., Golden Bean competition and conferences started in Australia in 2008. The conference took place from September 17 to the 21.

   There are seven main categories including Pour Over and Espresso. Duncan entered his popular Brazil Sul de Minus bean in the Espresso Category and Nicaragua Café Diego and Tanzania Tweega AA in the Pour Over Category. Coffee companies submit their entries on a predetermined date and the coffees are judged through a blind tasting format in 10 categories using different brew methods. Over 200 professional coffee roasters judged this year’s entries.


Spooktacular Halloween Savings

Special savings this month through Halloween.

15% off all bagged coffee! This applies to our 12 ounce and 1 lb. bags. A savings of $2.25 for 12 ounces and $2.40 for a pound. Stock up! Tell your friends!

What better excuse to enjoy the same great beans that won medals at the Golden Bean Competition and Conference in Portland, Oregon last month.

And for you coffee-trick-or-treaters, our flavor of the month is toasted marsh mellow. Who says Halloween is just for the kids.

Stay safe this Halloween and drive aware on trick-or-treat night.

A Whole New Latte Art from The Grind

You really need to see it to believe it!

Latte art printer. Yep, upload an image to the specialized printer and lay down your full color photo, business logo or picture of your favorite pet. The printer uses food grade, soy based ink that is tasteless and safe - the same coloring that is used on pastries and cakes.

The image is printed right on top of a smooth foam or froth head on the coffee and the image lasts up to 15 minutes. The resolution is really remarkable and allows for detailed images to be reproduced. So, visit the shop, send us a jpg image and we’ll print it on your favorite cup of The Grind latte or cappuccino coffee right away.

Some pictures might be worth a thousand dollars, this one costs just 50 cents.

If you are planning a special event, party or business event - The Grind can make the event even more memorable. We provide coffee catering throughout the region, from Columbia to Charleston to Savannah. We will customize our offerings to serve groups from 10 to 200. Depending our your preferences, we can provide espresso, pour over, flavored and coffees from our Health X line. Mix it up with latte art and some coffee from our Whiskey Series. We’ll work closely with your caterer to provide great coffee to pair with your fare.

Pappy in the (coffee) Barrel

The newest and best addition of the Whiskey Barrel Series of Coffee! Green coffee from Ecuador will be aged in a Pappy van Winkle (12 year) bourbon barrel. Expectations are running high and we are counting the days until the barrel is tapped and the beans roasted.

The coffee will be available around Thanksgiving. It’ll be a 70 to 80 lbs. batch and each customer is limited to 5 lbs. The price is $50 per pound and no discounts or special pricing apply. If you are giving this as a Christmas present, we urge you to purchase the whole bean to keep it as fresh as possible.

Pour overs of the Pappy van Winkle aged coffee will be available at the shop. Price for an 8 ounce cup is $6 and $8 for a 12 ounce cup. Pre-order starting November 1 with 50% down payment.

Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee

The trial roast and sample of this coffee flew off the shelf. We’ll have this nectar available on Monday, October 15. I first had this coffee on a fall day in 1982 at a small coffee shop on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. It is the only coffee I’ve ever had that I remember with such clarity. There is a good reason; when the growing conditions are optimum and the Haitian Coffee Authority adheres to the standards they established, this is great coffee.

Haitian Blue Mountain coffee is back and it is fantastic.

Elevation: 1,200 meters (ASL) Varietal: Arabica Blue Mountain

Process: Washed (mucilage removed) & patio dried

Cupping Notes (liberally copied): Mellow, smooth and creamy body. Roasted almonds, buttery mouthfeel. Acidity is low, body is medium and complexity is medium. Sweet, smooth finish with astonishing balance. This is a flawless cup of coffee.

Our beans come from the Coopacvod Cooperativeand they only accept only organically grown beans.

Supply is limited to availability and demand. It is also a seasonal crop, so enjoy it while you can. Cost for a 1 lb bag is $24. No discounts or special pricing apply.

Special Price on Pour Over Equipment

While the supply lasts … 500 ml/17 ounce Apace Living premium pour over kit. Includes a glass carafe, and stainless steel filter basket. Pour over coffee provides the same wonderful aroma, taste and mouthfeel as a french press. The advantages of a pour over kit are it is easy to scale the amount of coffee made - from 1 to 3 cups and it is much easier to clean and maintain.

Do you miss great coffee on the road? With a pour over kit, all you need is hot water and that stale swill that many hotels provide will be but a memory.

Nearly forgot, don’t forget to pick up some of The Grind coffee.

Price … $35.00