Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee

The trial roast and sample of this coffee flew off the shelf. We’ll have this nectar available on Monday, October 15. I first had this coffee on a fall day in 1982 at a small coffee shop on the north side of Columbus, Ohio. It is the only coffee I’ve ever had that I remember with such clarity. There is a good reason; when the growing conditions are optimum and the Haitian Coffee Authority adheres to the standards they established, this is great coffee.

Haitian Blue Mountain coffee is back and it is fantastic.

Elevation: 1,200 meters (ASL) Varietal: Arabica Blue Mountain

Process: Washed (mucilage removed) & patio dried

Cupping Notes (liberally copied): Mellow, smooth and creamy body. Roasted almonds, buttery mouthfeel. Acidity is low, body is medium and complexity is medium. Sweet, smooth finish with astonishing balance. This is a flawless cup of coffee.

Our beans come from the Coopacvod Cooperativeand they only accept only organically grown beans.

Supply is limited to availability and demand. It is also a seasonal crop, so enjoy it while you can. Cost for a 1 lb bag is $24. No discounts or special pricing apply.