About Us


  Grind Coffee Roasters is owned and operated by Ian Duncan, a native of Wichita, Kansas. Ian graduated with a degree in Horticulture from Spartanburg Community College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and moved down to Bluffton, South Carolina, where he worked managing the landscapes of large commercial developments. In 2009, Ian met Josh Cooke of the Corner Perk. Ian started working for Josh and after 5 years of working both full and part-time as one of the coffee shops baristas, Ian had the opportunity to delve into the world of roasting coffee. Getting his start on a small 1 kilo Sonofresca roaster, Ian taught himself about roasting and was soon able to produce great and consistent tasting coffees. It soon became evident however that the 1 kilo machine would not be able to keep up with the growing demands of the expanding coffee shop. Josh and Ian looked for a larger roaster and bought a newly built 10 kilo Ambex roaster. Two years later, Ian had won several local awards for taste and consistency and also placed in the top 30th in the nation Roasters competition in Atlanta in April of 2016.

  In late summer of 2016, Ian decided to go out on his own to better expand the roasting business and to provide the best tasting coffee to regional area. As a wholesale, retail and private label roaster, his goal is to provide individuals, coffee shops, restaurants and businesses with a full service coffee service and the option for their own label without having to purchase the bulky equipment associated with it. 

  The Grind Roasters production facility is currently located in mid-town Bluffton off of Simmonsville Rd. Please feel free to drop by Monday thru Friday from 1-7 pm to watch Ian in action and of course taste and buy some freshly roasted coffee. You can also purchase and taste coffee at Lucky Rooster Restaurant, Walnut's Cafe, Maywood Davis Coffee Shop and Peaceful Henry's Cigar Bar. 



 Our Mission/Vision



•    To Enrich people's lives one cup of coffee at a time.

    •    To Impact our community, by providing the community with the tool it needs to be successful, alert, innovative and energized.

    •    To Empower people in their daily lives with healthy foods, both for the body and for the soul

    •    To Encourage people through one on one conversations with meaning and purpose.

    •    To Enlist the community to help grow the business and bring about innovation. 

   Roasting Vision:

    •    To provide the best Roasted coffee Bean for your cup of coffee

    •    Sourcing only from farms and importers, coffees that are organic, fair trade and who use sustainable practices when growing the coffees. 

Company Goals:

    •    People: To provide the highest level of customer service, satisfaction and experience for the best possible price

    •    Educations: Teaching our employees about coffee, the culture of coffee, Management skills, customer service skills and healthy living choices. . 

    •    Enrichment: Providing or employees with Knowledge and understanding to do their jobs quickly and expertly.

    •    Empowerment: Providing equality pay for women in all positions, (if Merited), by work ethic and tenure with our company.

    •    Growth: Providing a solid career to all our employees that will both help them provide for their families as well as provide long term growth to the company and ensure our expansion.