Bolivian Organic

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Bolivian Organic

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One of our most popular medium roasts, this USDA Certified Organic coffee bean is sourced from one of the twelve mesoregions of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, boasting a full-bodied flavor with notes of hazelnut and dried berry.

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Country: Bolivia

Region: Caranavi

Elevation: 1700 m above sea level

Varietal: Arabica Typica

Process: Washed, Patio Dried

Cupping Notes: Caramel, orange, jasmine, tropical fruits, floral, passion fruit, milk chocolate. Transparent citrus, tangerine. Remarkable clarity, complex, creamy, and velvety.

Total surface area: 620,93 hás

Total area in production: 302 haás

Total natural area not in production: 318,93