RUA Barrel Aged Coffee (Bag)

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RUA Barrel Aged Coffee (Bag)


Ecuador Guizhaguina Carelal green coffee beans aged for 75 days in a used Great Wagon Road RUA American Single Malt Whiskey barrel, then finished with an exquisite medium roast. Sold in 1 lb. increments.

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RUA is 100% premium malted barley distilled in a copper Kothe still, cut with North Carolina artisan spring water. Spicy and buttery on the nose, it finishes with flavors of cherry and butterscotch. #3 char, new American white oak.

Washed Coffee: Carlos Nelson Ochoa Andrade

Location: Guizhaguiña Carelal

Elevation: 1306.1 Meters/4,285 feet

Plants: Catucai and Acawa

Other crops at his farm: Sugar cane and orange trees