Tanzania Tweega AA (Bag)


Tanzania Tweega AA (Bag)

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This AA-grade coffee bean is a standout hit in the realm of our light roast selection, with delectable origin tasting notes, including hints of pear and ginger, with a dry finish.

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Origin: Tanzania

Location at Origin: Southern Highlands

Name of Farm: Tembo

Grade: Tweega AA

Processing method: Wet processing, sun-dried, green coffee is graded and sorted at Tembo’s facilty in Mbeya

Altitude: 1,400 -2,000 meters

Plant Varietal: Bourbon & Typica

Soil: Fertile volcanic soil that is lightly acidic, rich in nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium

Total surface area: Tweega Coffee comes from the washing stations in the Southern Highlands from over 10,000 small farmers.

Farm information: Harvest period for these coffees is June-August. The Mbeya region consists of roughly 400,000 smallholder farmers that own, on average, 500 trees each. Many practice subsistence farming methods and all their coffee is handpicked.