Single Origin Offerings:

    7  Ethiopian Yirgacheff

    8 Guatemala Huehuetenago

    9  Guatemala Antigua

   10  Honduran Rain Forest Organic

   11  Peru Chanchamayo Organic



    1    Nicaragua Cafe Diego Micro Lot

    2    Sumatra Mandheling

    3    Brazil Sul de minus

    4    Espresso Roast 

    5   Colombian Supremo

    6   Colombian SW Decaf

Flavors for Coffee:

1.) Dark Chocolate                                                           5.) Pecan Pie

2.) Bourbon                                                                     6.) Vanilla

3.) Hazelnut                                                                    

4.) Vanilla


Loose Leaf and Chai Teas

1.) Prana Chai Marsala Blend                                 

2.) Prana Chai Agave Blend                                  

3.) Organic Oolong Mist (loose leaf and Tea bags)

4.) Organic Breakfast Blend (loose leaf and Tea bags)

5.) Organic Earl Grey (loose leaf and Tea bags)

6.) Organic Moroccan Mint (loose leaf and Tea bags)

7.) Organic Ginger Lemongrass (loose leaf and Tea bags)

Our Coffee

We source our coffees from several sources; including major coffee import companies like: Balzac Bros. In Charleston, South Carolina and Theta Ridge Coffee in Wisconsin, 

We also work directly with farmers and co-ops directly and have an intimate relationship with the farmers who actually grow, pick and pack the coffees your customers and employees consume.

Our Current Coffee Offerings:

We currently offer a wide range of Single Origin coffee varieties, with the ability to get anything in, via our importers. We strive to provide your business with the best coffee varieties available on the market and can also offer custom blend that will be unique to your business and not used by any of our other customers. 

We can discuss any blend ideas with you and will send you samples of what we think will work best for you based on your needs. 

Photo by Zoran Kolundzija/iStock / Getty Images