Loose Leaf and Chai Teas

1.) Prana Chai Marsala Blend                                 

2.) Prana Chai Agave Blend                                  

3.) Organic Oolong Mist (loose leaf and Tea bags)

4.) Organic Breakfast Blend (loose leaf and Tea bags)

5.) Organic Earl Grey (loose leaf and Tea bags)

6.) Organic Moroccan Mint (loose leaf and Tea bags)

7.) Organic Ginger Lemongrass (loose leaf and Tea bags)

Our Coffee



We source our beans from importers and direct from the farmers. Our importers include Balzac Brothers in Charleston, South Carolina and Theta Ridge Coffee in South Bend, Indiana. Our farmer direct coffees include Columbia Supremo, Ecuador Guizhaguina Carelal and Guatemala Huehuetenago.

We offer a balanced selection of great Single Origin coffee beans from growing regions world-wide. We usually have two or three new coffee beans in our rotation that are either seasonal or a truly superb small-batch bean. With the assistance of our importers we can fulfill your special order needs including sample roasts, cupping and blends.

Whether you enjoy our coffee at the shop, in your home or business, or participating in our new Pair with A Flair traveling coffee and food pairing event – you can count on always getting the best coffee at the Grind Roastery.

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