Kona – 100% Pure

With rich, fruity and earthy tones, this coffee was roasted to give it’s lucky drinkers the best parts of Hawaii. Drinking this coffee is like you’re on the island already.

The location dedicated to this coffee extends along the edge of Hawaii on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The entire district is approximately 30 miles long and only a mile wide with an elevation range of 700 to 2000 ft. Only coffee grown in this region can be given the name “Kona”

Country:  Hawaii

Tasting notes:  Rich, fruity, earthy

If you have had Kona before and it was much darker roasted then you haven’t had the best Kona you can have. Typically Roasteries on location of origin will give you there “trash” beans because the export out everything else.

Well we are one of the roaster that they export too and we roast the Kona the way it is supposed to be roasted.


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